Sheremetev Palace

Museum of Music and Museum of Anna Akhmatova

The former residence of the earls Sheremetevs is a cultural monument and a historical building in Saint Petersburg. Nowadays, there you will find one of the branches of St Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music. Actually, Sheremetev Palace is also called the Fountain House and the Museum of Music. The building includes two separate museums and a theatre.


Historical overview

Sheremetev palace is famous in St Petersburg. This thing is that the building is almost the same age as the city itself. It was called the Fountain House in the 18th century, since it was built on a large area between Liteyny Prospekt and Fontanka Embankment.

The land piece on Fontanka was granted by Peter the Great to the earl Sheremetev in 1712. Two-storey palace that exists nowadays was built in 1750 by architect Savva Chevakinsky. There is a thought that the drawings of Rastrelli were utilized in the project.  

For several centuries, the Sheremetsevs had a great importance in the Russian state, while their palace had almost become the museum of St Petersburg history. The interiors of the palace and other close-by constructions were created under the supervision of such masters as Nicholas Benois, Ieronim Corsini, Domenico Quadri, Giacomo Quarenghi and others.

While the Sheremetevs lived in the palace, there were always gatherings of people from the high society: musicians, scientists, various cultural figures. A choir chapel in the palace church was known even in Europe.

Sheremetev palace officially became a museum in 1990. At first it was just the Museum of Music, later it was joined by the Museum of Anna Akhmatova and State Dramatic Theatre on Liteyny Prospekt.



There are several expositions in the Sheremetev palace. The greatest one is dedicated to the history of the earl family and includes the archive materials, personal items, photos and other objects.

Another interesting exposition introduces the life and routine of the nobles of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The most known part of exhibit includes the collection of musical instruments that has over 3000 showpieces.

In Anna Akhmatova Museum you will get in the amazing creative atmosphere that inspired the poetess. The collection includes some private items, such as books, letter, documents and drafts. The white hall of the Sheremetev palace is a place for holding concerts of old music and musical evenings, while in the theatre you can watch comedies, tragicomedies, musicals and melodramatic performances.

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