Let’s suppose you decided to spend your weekend in St. Petersburg. You don’t have that much time but want to see a lot. Here is our plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and “just to drink wine.”



Bolshaya Morskaya Str., 25
Project reincarnation happened more than a year ago, and this bistro became extremely popular at any time of the day, but it still offers the best breakfasts.

Italy Dolci

Bolshoy prospect, 58
You can find just everything at Petrogradsky district. You can order eggs Benedict, pancakes, and cottage cheese.


Voznesensky Avenue, 6
Try to manage to eat breakfast and the main course there. Igor Grishechkin became the first chief of the new Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg, and he still bears this banner.


Gastrobar Duo

Kirochnaya Str., 8, lit. B
The first project of Dmitry Blinov and Renat Malikov. There is still a chance to find a place during the day, but it’s almost impossible to book a table in the evening, but just in case here is the phone number:

Gräs x Madbaren

Inzhenernaya Str., 7
The restaurant of Anton Abrezov, which over the past year has made a fantastic breakthrough in quality and taste in food. He made a bet on the Scandinavia style and an excellent menu from local products. It’s not necessary to book a table during the day.

Goose Goose

Bolshaya Konushennaya Str., 27
A small bistro with the most delicious pizza in the city (to be more precise, a pincer). In addition to it comes the menu of Ilya Burnasov, who makes an understandable, in the spirit of the time dishes. You do not need to book a table.


Kronversky Ave, 59
The restaurant of Katya Bokuchava in Petrogradsky district, which I call “a restaurant of high home cooking,” and I must admit the cooking is high. You can sell your soul for the liver. And for squid, too.

Hamlet & Jacks

Volynsky per., 2
Almost the signed restaurant of Eugenia Vikentieva, which operates at full capacity. The menu is updated relative often, so it is better to ask the chef what to order today because he cooks quite often himself there.



Vilensky per., 15
This is the second project of Dmitry Blinov and Renat Malikov. Menu main page is the main project concept that includes ceviche, tartar, and carpaccio. You must book a table: (911) 922 5606.


Voznesensky Ave, 1
The most beautiful restaurant in the city with almost traditional Italian cuisine. It is located at the Four Seasons hotel, but it’s impossible to call it a hotel restaurant. Finding a better place for a celebratory dinner is difficult.

«Probka» on Dobrolybova

Dobrolyubova Ave, 6
The restaurant is the flagship of Aram Mnatsakanova’s empire, provides the best service in the city, and there are the perfect vitello tonnato, Roman pasta and tiramisu. Book a table online through the Afisha-Restaurants app.


Aptekarskiy pr., 2
The best steakhouse in the city, which perfectly cope with both classic steaks, and with still new to the audience skirt steaks. The bonus is a wine card from the Real Authentic Wines company, which is the leader in biodynamics.



Lakhtinskaya Str., 8
A new project of Italy Group with tapas. It is a must-visit.

Big Wine Freaks

Instrumentalnaya Str., 3
It’s better to visit this place on weekdays when it’s not overcrowded. Wines are from the same company as in Beefzavod.

«Bar 8»

Lenina Str., 8
The bar of Kate Bokuchava with fun and smart conversations every day.

«Vinnii schkaf»

Rubinshteina Str., 9/3
They are the ones who created the motto “To drink wine and not give up.” The wine card confirms the motto.

«Na vina!»

Kronversky pr., 65
The second project was opened on Kazanskaya Str, 3, but that’s the place where you should definitely go. It’s spacious, with a view of the Kazan Cathedral and wonderful sandwiches with homemade sausage.


We visited the new establishment of Chef Artem Grebenshchikov. And we really enjoyed it.

The chief and co-owner of Bourgeois Bohemians (or, briefly and more harmoniously, BoBo) Artem Grebenshchikov became famous for transforming an Erarta museum cafe into the best public catering in a cultural and leisure institution. It scales new heights, and it targets if not at Elbrus with Kazbek, then at Klyuchevskaya hill for sure.

The interior, as it’s common nowadays, is minimalistic, probably is too much. Green monochrome, bare walls, wooden countertops, open (and which else) kitchen. Artem Grebenshchikov, smiling like Dr. Livesay from the cartoon, runs from the hall to the kitchen and back, takes out food, chats with guests and, he seems a bit (and maybe even a lot) nervous; did everything work out as it should? Do not worry, Artem, everything turned out perfectly.

The menu is created in a very witty way. Instead of “salads,” soups,” pizza and pasta,” with a grill ” and such other boring things you can see five sections with numbers. Two cold and two hot sections and one section is for desserts. You can order dishes separately, or you can order combinations from different sections, from three, four, five and up to nine dishes. Everything is done so that the guest would order sets so that he could create it every time in a new way, but still could get a clear set of dishes and could understand what the author wants to say. And even could save up some money. The author meanwhile says some absolutely beautiful things. First of all, you get sweets for a snack. The red one is in the unsweetened cocoa glaze, with sour-spicy tomato puree inside and the white one is in a wafer shell, with fish and caviar.

Then it’s followed by scallops with cucumber and daikon (470 rub) and this a must-eat, almost the best what is in the menu. The scallop and cucumber are cut into small cubes, the daikon is cut into thin slices, there is a spoonful of sour cream on top and butter with dill on the bottom of the plate. Subtly, clearly and no oversaturated flavors.

Then chevre cheese appears on the table, broken with uneven cubes, covered with a cap of lychee, with a ball of pear sorbet and pine nuts (430 rub). It’s up to you to decide whether it’s a salad, dessert, a light dinner or breakfast. By the way, what comes to breakfast, don’t forget to order some bread (150 rub). If the scallops with cucumber and daikon are an ideal of okroshka, then the bread is the ideal of a square yellowish-gray loaf, which is sold in provincial bakeries and which sometimes are surprisingly tasty. Here everything is as it should be: thin, but crisp, waffle crust, finely porous crumb, large, generous slices, yellow oil and smoked salt in a glass alchemical jar.

Do not miss mackerel with avocado mousse, sun-dried tomatoes and yuzu (390 rub). It has a northern, pickled sweet-sour-salty, crisp taste as if it was painted.
For all meat lovers, there is a skirt steak with vegetable ravioli and onion sauce (690 rub.). The garnish adds to the full meat flavor of the skirt steak the aftertaste of praline, such unsweetened sweetness as it is, for example, in Bordeaux dry wines.

Everything is also fine with the desserts here. In the nearest future, Grebenshchikov plans to launch confectionery sets in the restaurant, it means three to five dishes with increasing sweetness with dry wines, as in modern European dessert restaurants. There are no sets yet, that why I recommend you to choose a «Botany» dessert. It is a pear sorbet, basil ganache, a circle of white chocolate and the same dark green as the walls, juice from sorrel, mint, and aloe (290 rub).

The wine card is fantastic. It has all the necessary fashion points, such as German and Austrian wines, natural and biodynamic, a few orange positions, a petnet, and other spicy sparkling ones. Wine, by the way, can also be ordered by set, it means four glasses will be picked up to your dishes, and you’ll have to pay for it 1000 rubles.

And there is a bonus an absolutely faultlessly working (and tremendously beautiful) waiters.