Getting Christmas presents can be a bit challenging, but still very exciting. If you are in Saint Petersburg, and want to get some holiday souvenirs, keep reading. I’ve decided to share with you the most popular places to get presents in Saint Petersburg and some idea of souvenirs from Russia!

Shops and markets

The main locations for holiday shopping in St Petersburg are Manezhnaya Square (there’s actually a Christmas market in December-January), Passage on Nevsky Avenue and Galleria Shopping Mall. There is also a Christmas market on the New Holland island.

New Year shopping in Saint Petersburg Russia

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The prices vary, but you definitely won’t go away with nothing, as the range of goods is wide. Most likely, the prices on the holiday markets are higher than in shops on average. The main reason is seasonal character of such events, and hand-made products that are usually offered on the markets.


Speaking of some souvenirs from Russia, among the most popular seasonal gifts, such as clothes – woolen mittens and socks, sweaters with reindeer. Lots of decorative elements are also bought by tourists as nice Russian presents: hand-made Christmas tree toys, porcelain dolls, wooden toys based on “The Nutcracker” story.

By the way, tasty gifts are especially popular! People prefer buying caviar and honey-cake, in Russian called “pryanik”. In Saint Petersburg you can also buy delicious chocolate and candies or some alcoholic drinks. Actually, might be a good idea to visit Russian Vodka Museum, taste some species there and then buy the one you liked the most as a gift!

Hope you get all Christmas presents in time and manage to enjoy free time walking along the decorated New Year streets of Saint Petersburg!