Музей современного искусства

Alongside with the Hermitage, Faberge and Russian museums, Erarta is a sight of Saint Petersburg. It is a museum of contemporary art. It opened in Saint Petersburg on September 30, 2010. There you can see not only casual or absolutely shocking modern pieces of art, but also some interesting technologies.

The name of the museum is well explained by the main figures of two goddess that you will see right at the entrance — Era and Arta. The building itself represents the style of Stalin’s neoclassicism, and it was built in 1951. Its inner looks differ from the past, and the building went over inside reconstruction. The first floor has a grotto with an impressive combination of red and grey colors as a main leitmotif. Apart from the reception desk, there is also a gift shop, a bookstore with a wide range of publications about art and a print shop, where you can get giclee created in the workshops of the Erarta museum.

Those who’d like to get to know the modern art and master understanding it, the museum wing of the building holds a permanent exhibition. On the opposite side of the building, you can usually see some temporary expositions. If you are not going with a guide, you are highly recommended to pay attention to the descriptions of the works. For instance, it is not so easy to get at a first glance a science art called “A Model of Bipolar Activity”. Or is it?

After walking through the large hall of the first floor, guests get to U-space rooms of Erarta. These total installations immerse their visitors in special atmospheres, defined by lights sounds and smells. One of the most popular among them is a “cherry garden”. To enter each of the U-space rooms, it is necessary to get a ticket at the reception.

Moving on to the second floor, guests will see more U-spaces and a hall with a multimedia performance “Why don’t people fly?”. There are two cinemas, displaying stories of animated paintings and a cartoon “Black Square”, on the third floor. Two more U-spaces are situated on the 4th floor. There you can also see many experimental paintings, created with every possible material, but for paint actually.

On the ground floor, you can simply rest and enjoy meals. A beautiful restaurant Erarta with a summer terrace is located in the same building.

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OPEN Wed-Mon 10:00-22:00
CLOSED Tuesdays

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The 29th Line of Vasilievsky Island, 2
Metro / Subway
Primorskaya, Vasileostrovskaya
The 28th & 29th Lines of Vasilievsky Island
1, 6, 7, 128, 152
The 28th & 29th Lines of Vasilievsky Island
K-120, K-124, K-30, K-309, K-350, K-44, K-62, K-690, K-6k
The 28th & 29th Lines of Vasilievsky Island
6, 40
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