It is quite a common thing in some European countries to drink tap water. However, when travelling to some foreign country this question should be thought of well. That’s why I decided to let you know more about the quality of running water in Saint Petersburg.

Speaking of tap water there, the city’s water supplier Vodokanal says that it is safe to drink. The situation has improved with the appearance of a new purifying plant. Thereby, the general quality of water has improved greatly.

However, the pipe system in many city districts is old, so by the time water reaches any tap it’ll get heavy metals and probably a yellowish color, or even some scent.

drinking water in the restaurant

Better Don’t

The advice is clear — you better don’t drink tap water in St Petersburg, unless you have a special water filter installed or have water boiled for at least 5 minutes. The hotels usually have special bottled water in the lobby, as well as hostels have kitchen areas where you can boil it with no problem.

Of course, it is safe to drink bottled water bought in shops and restaurants and accept tea and coffee at someone’s house. By the way, brushing teeth, taking shower and bathing with tap water is absolutely fine, you won’t get any health problem! Special water filtration systems are installed in all restaurants and hotels. Don’t worry.

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