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Where to eat in St Petersburg

Where to eat in St Petersburg, try delicacies and local Russian food? There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, street food in the city center and area. You can have a romantic dinner at a luxury panorama restaurant, grab a cup of coffee with local desserts in some cozy cafeteria, have cheap and tasty lunch in public canteens, go try vegan food or enjoy dishes of more traditional Italian, European, Asian cuisines. All possible meals and drinks at different price and tastes are there for you!

Russian food Pelmeni Is there any fast food traditional Russian cuisine?

Is there any fast food traditional Russian cuisine? Frequent question from foreign guests. And what is the traditional Russian cuisine. I would single out three types in accordance with the historical period: primordially Russian, Russian and Soviet. At the moment, in cafes, bistros and fast food restaurants you can find dishes that correspond to all […]

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Russian food st petersburg Russian food and drink

Generally, Russian people have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In Russia, it doesn’t take much time to cook breakfast or to eat it. As a matter of fact, Russians aren’t used to eating a lot in the morning. An average breakfast consists of an omelet, sandwiches, corn flakes or something like that. […]

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Eat and Drink in St Petersburg Where to eat and drink in St. Petersburg at weekends

Let’s suppose you decided to spend your weekend in St. Petersburg. You don’t have that much time but want to see a lot. Here is our plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and “just to drink wine.” BREAKFAST Jérôme Bolshaya Morskaya Str., 25Project reincarnation happened more than a year ago, and this bistro became extremely popular […]

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