Soviet era

Soviet sights in St Petersburg

Soviet era was very contradictory but interesting time in the history of Russia. At the beginning of this period St Petersburg was renamed to Leningrad in honor of the Bolshevik`s leader. Soviet era occupies a special place in minds and hearts of russian citizens, many of them remember it with nostalgia. During my guided tour you can learn more about the Soviet history of our city and get to know the life of ordinary people at that time.

cruiser aurora

A legendary cruiser that currently serves as a museum ship of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Aurora is one of the well-known attractions of the city, its recognizable symbol with great history. Aurora was one of three first rank cruisers together with Pallada and Diana, constructed at the New Admiralty dockyard in St Petersburg, and launched on…

Monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad 1981

The impressive monument located on Victory Square (Russian: Ploshad Pobedy) is among the first city sights you see when travelling from the southern direction, i.e Pulkovo airport. It was designed by Sergey Speranskiy and Valentin Kamenskiy, and sculpted by Mikhail Anikushin. The monument was established in 1975 in the memory of the heroic residents of…