What to do in St Petersburg

What to do in St Petersburg apart from sightseeing? Spend time out and have awesome lunch or dinner at one of the best panorama restaurants, or go shopping and buy nice gifts and souvenirs from Russia.

Enjoy white nights, drawbridges and active city nightlife or visit St Petersburg suburbs – Pushkin and Peterhof – in summer. Try ice fishing, sleigh riding, skating on the Gulf of Finland in winter. There is a variety of other activities to do in Saint Petersburg, so you won’t feel bored at any moment!

Useful Apps for Tourists in Saint Petersburg

Are you going to spend some time in Saint Petersburg? I’ve got some wonderful news for you. There are several useful mobile apps for tourists that will make your stay for much easier and more comfortable. Yandex.Maps Saint Petersburg is a megalopolis with millions of people and places. Getting lost there is very easy. In […]

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Outlets in Saint Petersburg

Shopping is a favorite activity of many people. To make it not only enjoyable, but also very advantageous, visit the stock shops and discounted centres. Fortunately, there are many outlets in Saint Petersburg that you can go to in order to purchase apparel, jewelries, various gadgets and what not. And below you can check several […]

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Palace Square in St Petersburg Russia Most Popular Tours in Saint Petersburg

Travelling to a new city is always exciting. However, it can be a bit stressful as well. The main problem is timing. Many tourists face a problem of identifying the perfect time period, they usually ask questions like “How many days do I need to see the most in the city?” Another popular issue is […]

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Viewing Northern Lights in Saint Petersburg

Beautiful Aurora Borealis is a wonderful natural phenomenon of appearing dancing light in the sky that many people would love to see. It is a truly magical happening that is defined by disturbances in the magnetosphere by a solar wind. Northern lights, or aurora, or polar lights as they are usually called, can be viewed […]

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Public January Holidays in Russia

New Year and Christmas are probably the most popular holidays in Russia. Apart from vast celebrations, beautiful decorations and the spirit of holiday, there is at least more plus of this season. It is a long period of days-off that people get together with festive mood, ongoing fireworks and dining. These are the January holidays […]

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Traditional New Year Movies

Russians are fond of watching TV, especially when it comes to the New Year season and 10 days that people officially spend off work. As one character from a popular Soviet cartoon series “Winter in Prostokvashino” said, a TV set is the main adornment of a New Year table. Apart from various special shows and […]

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What To Wear in Saint Peterburg in Winter?

That’s actually quite a question: “What to wear in winter in St Petersburg?” The weather seems to change quite a lot within several recent years, and instead of wintery and snowy landscapes Saint Petersburg region gets more of a European look in terms of snowless streets. Some trees even start to bloom, assuming that it […]

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Winter Souvenirs from Russia

Getting Christmas presents can be a bit challenging, but still very exciting. If you are in Saint Petersburg, and want to get some holiday souvenirs, keep reading. I’ve decided to share with you the most popular places to get presents in Saint Petersburg and some idea of souvenirs from Russia! Shops and markets The main […]

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Traditional Russian New Year Dishes

The New Year’s Eve is a very special time, especially for those who prefer spending it at home with family and friends. Frankly, it is not only about getting a holiday spirit, it is also about tasting delicious meals. Eating a lot of very different, though traditional holiday dishes. So how about learning some traditional […]

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Сhristmas at Annenkirche in Saint Petersburg

Real Christmas atmosphere in Saint Petersburg is easy to experience at Annenkirche. St. Anne’s Church is a Lutheran church which was built in 1775-1779 by Georg Friedrich Veldten for the German community. Since then, the church has gone under several significant historical turnovers, but it operates these days and offers special Christmas events. Apart from the traditional St Petersburg […]

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