What to do in St Petersburg

What to do in St Petersburg apart from sightseeing? Spend time out and have awesome lunch or dinner at one of the best panorama restaurants, or go shopping and buy nice gifts and souvenirs from Russia.

Enjoy white nights, drawbridges and active city nightlife or visit St Petersburg suburbs – Pushkin and Peterhof – in summer. Try ice fishing, sleigh riding, skating on the Gulf of Finland in winter. There is a variety of other activities to do in Saint Petersburg, so you won’t feel bored at any moment!

What to see in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is an amazing city, which is called an open-air museum. Every aesthete should definitely visit it. Ones always want to come back here, it attracts anyone with its majestic architecture and the history hidden behind it. Each stone would tell many interesting events if it could speak. So, what can you see in […]

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Top 10 sights of St. Petersburg

For more than two decades, the brilliant and incomparable city of St. Peter the Apostle bears the proud title of the cultural capital of Russia, never ceasing to attract tourists from all over the world. It captivates with its persistent character, cozy atmosphere, and an incredible number of curious places. There are over a thousand […]

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EURO 2020 in St.Petersburg. Held in 2021

From June 12 to July 2, Euro 2020 matches will be held in St. Petersburg, which was postponed due to the pandemic. There will be seven matches in total, including one quarter finals. Other matches will be hosted by 10 more European cities, and the final will take place in London on 11 July. During […]

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The Winter Palace top view Explore Saint Petersburg Online

What if I tell that I got a surprise for you? To be honest, I really hope that your in-home routine goes well and you are in great health, both physical and mental. I also assume that many travelling plans are ruined already, and many of you who had a plan to visit Saint Petersburg […]

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Use delivery services during the quarantine Delivery services in Saint Petersburg. For those who stuck in quarantine.

Measures to counteract coronavirus infection in St. Petersburg are constantly being tightened and supplemented. Unlike other regions, we do not yet have a universal regime of self-isolation (it is forbidden to leave the house only to people 65 years and older). However, most Petersburgers are advised not to leave their homes until April 5, 2020, […]

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Ceiling in the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg Virtual Tours of Saint Petersburg Museums

Staying inside without being able to travel? Quite a common case considering the fact that the world is going a bit unsocial, but still friendly during the times of COVID-19. I will not focus on this topic, as there are many discussions, worries and updates out there. But there is one thing that I definitely […]

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Travelling with limited abilities still can be fun Accessible Attractions of Saint Petersburg

Generally, Russia is not among the most wheelchair accessible countries. However, such large cities as Saint Petersburg and Moscow have necessary ramps and elevators in some of their sights and locations. Speaking of Petersburg, its main reason for having just some limited equipment arrangements relates to the fact that most of the cathedrals and museums […]

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Applies in chocolate sauce - tasty dessert to try. Taste Desserts on Nevsky Prospekt of Petersburg

Sweet tooth, this article is for you. Although, or probably luckily it is so, Saint Petersburg is a huge city and there you can find everything, there is no real need to travel much from one place to another. Lots of cool entertaining and dining spots are situated right in the city centre. For instance, […]

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Toilet sign on the wall Public Restrooms in Saint Petersburg

As a private guide, I am sharing a lot of interesting information about different sights and tourist attractions of Saint Petersburg, including the Hermitage, magical white nights, city suburbs like Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo. For this type of information, please visit WHAT TO SEE section. But today’s article will be about public restrooms in Saint […]

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Enjoy the nightlife of Saint Petersburg Dance & Night Clubs in Saint Petersburg

Are you into nightlife activities? Feel like experiencing Saint Petersburg way of having fun at night? If yes, this article is definitely for you! After checking some locations myself, and gathering many reviews of others, I am happy to present you a list of cool dance and night clubs of Saint Petersburg! Before getting into […]

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