Gifts & souvenirs from St Petersburg

How to buy groceries in Russia, where to get gifts and souvenirs, what shopping malls, outlets and luxury boutiques are there in St Petersburg – these and other interesting shopping-related articles you can read here. Many shops popular among tourists are located on Nevsky Prospect, so there are also special tips you can use in order to have the best shopping experience in Saint Petersburg. Addresses, prices, product ranges and other useful information provided.

New Food Court in the Galeria Shopping Mall

If you have already been to Saint Petersburg, most probably you know the Galeria shopping mall close to Moskovsky railway station. Here are some good news for those who casually like eating out or pausing for a meal when shopping. There is a new food court in Galeria, one of the largest shopping malls of […]

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Winter Souvenirs from Russia

Getting Christmas presents can be a bit challenging, but still very exciting. If you are in Saint Petersburg, and want to get some holiday souvenirs, keep reading. I’ve decided to share with you the most popular places to get presents in Saint Petersburg and some idea of souvenirs from Russia! Shops and markets The main […]

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Christmas Market in Saint Petersburg

Are you a fan of New Year and Christmas spirit? I definitely am, so want to share with you as much useful information as possible. You should experience the holiday mood in Saint Petersburg. To do so, one advice will be to visit the city Christmas market. This year the Christmas market will be open […]

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Markets of Saint Petersburg

A good alternative to various grocery shops and supermarkets – markets of Saint Petersburg. City markets have a very special atmosphere and a wide range of products that of which you can’t find in some huge stores. Gastronomic market Dolgoozersky This reconstructed agricultural market represents an updated fresh-market where customers can buy products almost from […]

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Shopping Malls in St Petersburg Russia Shopping Malls in the City Centre

If weather is not very good for a walk, don’t stay in a hotel. Visiting a shopping mall can be a good alternative to the city tour – you can watch movies, taste some delicacies, get some souvenirs and just watch people and things around you. Galeria The largest shopping mall in St Petersburg is […]

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Grocery shopping in St Petersburg Grocery Shopping in St Petersburg

St Petersburg is a city that never sleeps, so there you can get food and drinks all day and night long. Grocery shopping in St Petersburg is not a big deal. Apart from large shopping malls and stores, there are also many small 24/7 shops, but you should be ready to have some cash in […]

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Gostiny Dvor in St Petersburg Russia The Oldest Stores of St Petersburg

There is a variety of boutiques, shops, stores, showrooms and malls in St Petersburg, where you can buy practically everything you need. Today you’ll learn about the oldest stores of St Petersburg which are still at your service on a daily basis. The House of Books Constructed in 1902-1904, the building first belonged to the […]

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matreshka and souvenirs from russia Top Souvenirs from St Petersburg

Get gifts from Russia that your friends or relatives will love. That’s easy, as there are so many options! What’s the first souvenir that comes to your mind? Matreshka Doll Might be cliché, but still a nice souvenir, especially if you buy a nice set of dolls made in Russia. Those are more expensive than […]

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