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Discover the best attractions in St Petersburg

Discover the best attractions in St Petersburg

Isaak Cathedral gilded dome

St. Isaak’s Cathedral and Colonnade

Isaak's cathedral is named after reverend Isaac the Dalmatian, a Byzantium monk that lived in the 4th century. This Saint is not really widely known in Russia. It was dedicated to Isaac because on May 30th (by the 12-day slower Julian calendar) the remembrance day of this hieromonk, who propagated Christianity despite persecution, used to…

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Peter and Paul fortress

Today, the inhabitants and guests of our noisy cosmopolitan city will find it hard to believe that approximately 300 years ago the Banks of the Neva River were covered with impassable swampy forests. 300 years is a moment for a city - St Petersburg is considerably younger than Moscow, Kiev, Kazan, Riga, Pskov or Veliky…

Savior on spilled blood church mosaic

The Spilled Blood Church (Christ Resurrection)

The Cathedral of Resurrection of Christ is a monument of the Russian architecture in the spirit of romantic nationalism that dates back to the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. It was built on the site at which on March 1st, 1861 the member of People’s Will party, Ignacy Hryniewiecki,…