Historical events of St Petersburg

In order to understand the city, learn more about its history. So if you plan a trip to St Petersburg, here are some important and very interesting historical moments of Saint Petersburg, former Leningrad. The era of palace coups in Russia, governance of monarchy, hard and tense soviet times, the Siege – all events and happenings left their mark on the current life of the city, as well as its architecture, values and, of course, on people. Read about St Petersburg and visit it to see the history in real life.

Astoria hotel in St Petersburg St Petersburg: The City of Three Revolutions

Saint Petersburg has many unofficial names, such as the Northern Capital of Russia, North Venice, North Palmyra, open air museum. There’s one more name – the City of Three Revolutions. Here is the story behind this calling. Totally, there were three major revolutions in St Petersburg: The Russian Revolution of 1905-1907, the February Bourgeois Democratic […]

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