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Tourist information in St Petersburg

How to get Russian visa or book a visa free shore excursion? What safety rules are worth following in order to feel secure in a foreign country? What should you take with you to St Petersburg and why, or where to get something? These and other useful travel tips and recommendations check below. If you are struggling with finding any information about travelling to Saint Petersburg Russia, don’t hesitate to leave an inquiry for further communication.

alonso reyes crusie Travel Tips: Visa Free Rules

Saint Petersburg is a special place in Russia and definitely a city to visit. So if you are travelling on a cruise line which has a 2-3 days stop in St Petersburg sea port, a visa free tour with a professional guide is what you need. RULES These visa free tours, also known as shore […]

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car sharing in st petersburg Сar sharing сompanies in St Petersburg

Car sharing is actively developing both in Moscow and in St Petersburg. At the same time, this service has its own characteristics and features in the northern capital of Russia. So it is worth examining all details in advance in order to understand which cars and under what conditions can be rent in the cultural […]

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hermitage 6 ways How to make a museum visit more interesting

Enjoying art and not being bored is sometimes a difficult task. But if you want to make your museum visits more exciting and memorable, check out the advice below. Sometimes the simplest things can be very helpful. 1. Do not try to view everything at once If you have chosen a sufficiently large museum, I […]

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St Petersburg Embankments Is it safe in Saint-Petersburg Russia? Prejudges of Europeans and Russians

There are many strange prejudges of Europeans and Russians about each other. Let’s find it out. One of the interesting problems in tourism is the prevention of European citizens to Russia, and vice versa for Russians to Europeans. Issues are often based on childhood fears. Nevertheless, all these questions must be answered patiently and clearly, […]

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Eat and Drink in St Petersburg Where to eat and drink in St. Petersburg at weekends

Let’s suppose you decided to spend your weekend in St. Petersburg. You don’t have that much time but want to see a lot. Here is our plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and “just to drink wine.” BREAKFAST Jérôme Bolshaya Morskaya Str., 25Project reincarnation happened more than a year ago, and this bistro became extremely popular […]

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How to obtain a Russian visa in US?

The only way to get travel visa to Russia for US citizens is to submit to the consular offices an application accompanied by a set of necessary documents. Official representative offices locations There are several institutions in which you can apply for a Russian travel visa: they include 1 Russian Embassy in Washington and 4 […]

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Routes for soccer fans and their families

“St. Petersburg for the fans” (or “what can you see 3 hours before the match”): A bus tour that emphasizes the most important landmarks and that drops you off at locations from which you can get a shuttle to the stadium “St. Petersburg.” Covered landmarks: Vosstaniya Square Moscow Station (at Vosstaniya Square) Nevskiy Prospect The […]

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White nights in St Petersburg and Best ways to enjoy them

St. Petersburg has been given multiple symbolic names. Due to a great amount of rivers and canals present, it has been labeled as Northern Venice; Northern Palmyra because of its outstanding beauty. It is sometimes referred to as the Northern Capital of Russia and that is the result of it being the official capital for […]

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Lomonosov bridge My guests: Where do you like to walk in the city center of St. Petersburg?

Where do you like to walk in the city center? Ask my guests. Well, I’ll be happy to share my St Petersburg walking route somewhat off the beaten paths. I start from the Palace Square across the Pevchesky Bridge into the Capella’s courtyard, then through several courtyards and exit on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, turn to […]

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