Clubs, bars and city by night

Saint Petersburg is a Russian megapolis where life never stops and cultural attributes and modern urban flows perfectly complement each other. City nightlife is full of activities. Best clubs, bars and pubs are at your service all night long. If you prefer more cultural time spending, go on a night city tour, which is especially entertaining during the summer time. White nights, drawbridges shows are just some of the great activities you can enjoy in Saint Petersburg.

Traditional Russian Snacks and Dishes Russian Cuisine Restaurants

To visit Russia and not to try some meals of Russian cuisine sounds impossible. To make your search for local cuisine restaurants easier, I decided to prepare a list of good-to-visit places. Pick one or more, and then let me know which one you liked the most! Troyka Traditional Russian cuisine and unique show program […]

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Nightlife in St Petersburg Popular Bars of St Petersburg

Feel like staying up all night and exploring the nightlife of St Petersburg? Here are several bar options that you might like to consider. Bekitzer Israeli street food bar where you can easily feel the atmosphere of Tel Aviv. Interior is authentic with antique-looking mirrors, ceiling fans and graffiti on walls. Food and drinks are […]

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panorama view from isaac's cathedral st petersburg Top Panorama Sights of St Petersburg

Definitely St Petersburg is all about beautiful sights and historical places that one must visit at least once. Below you can learn about special areas where it’s possible to enjoy panorama views of the city, also take memorable pictures there and, for instance, have a picnic if weather is good enough! St.Isaac’s Colonnade Awesome viewing […]

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russia bridges Drawbridges in St Petersburg

A city of bridges, St Petersburg is absolutely magical during the night time in summer. One of the reasons for that is opening of bridges that is always a magnificent show. In total, there are 12 bridges in St Petersburg that are raised. Whereas nine of them open up on a regular basis, the other […]

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Panorama restaurant in Petersburg Best Panorama Restaurants of St Petersburg

How about having a tasty lunch or dinner in a pleasant atmosphere with a beautiful view in one of the most charming cities of the world? Wouldn’t mind myself! Here are several view restaurant options that you might want to visit. By the way, feel free to contact me when planning a trip to St […]

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Holidays and Events in St Petersburg Scarlet Sails 2019 in St Petersburg

Scarlet Sails, or as it is called in Russian “Alye Parusa”, is one of the most popular European festivals that takes place in Saint Petersburg every June. Initially created as a celebration for Russian school graduates, over the time Scarlet Sails have become a tremendous event awaited by millions of people worldwide. Tourists from all […]

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White nights in St Petersburg and Best ways to enjoy them

St. Petersburg has been given multiple symbolic names. Due to a great amount of rivers and canals present, it has been labeled as Northern Venice; Northern Palmyra because of its outstanding beauty. It is sometimes referred to as the Northern Capital of Russia and that is the result of it being the official capital for […]

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Scarlet Sails neva river Scarlet Sails: beautiful show on Neva

Scarlet Sails is the name of an annual celebration that takes place on Vasylievskiy Island and the Palace Square. It always happens at the end of June on the day when all of high school seniors from all secondary schools of St. Petersburg graduate. Lots of tours, specific to this celebration, are organized across St […]

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