Tour of Peterhof

Palaces, parks and fountains

  • Private car/public transp
  • Cultural heritage
  • Sightseeing
  • Photo stops
  • 3 hours
  • Tour guide

If you are interested in a private guided tour to Peterhof and want to understand what it includes, what you will see and how much it costs, then you are on the right page. But first, some useful information.

Even a person who has never been interested in St. Petersburg and its sights must have heard about Peterhof and its famous fountains at least once. What is Peterhof? This borrowed German name actually hides several concepts:

  • this is actually a settlement, historically – the city of Peterhof, which is now part of the city of St. Petersburg. In the Soviet period it was called Petrodvorets;
  • it is also a former imperial palace and a park with many magnificent fountains, pavilions, trees and flowers on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, which can be reached both by land and by water. They are located about an hour from the city center by car or half an hour by hydrofoil;
  • this is also a museum and park complex, which, in addition to the mentioned palace and park, also includes: the palace of Peter 1 and the garden in the village of Strelna, Tsaritsyn and Olgin pavilions with ponds and a park in Peterhof city, Alexandria Park with small palaces in Peterhof ciry, Oranienbaum park with a large and small palaces in Lomonosov city. All these palace and park complexes are combined into a single “Peterhof State Museum-Reserve”.


Thus, based on the above information, you need to decide what your private tour of Peterhof will be like. Here I present a fairly standard and most popular option for visiting this attraction, especially if this is the first visit. It, at your request, of course, can be expanded or shortened, and also combined, for example, with a visit to Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin city).

So, during my individual tour you will get acquainted with:

  • the Upper Garden
  • the Grand Palace (inside)
  • the Lower Park with fountains
  1. Great Cascade
  2. Samson
  3. Golden Hill
  4. Lion Cascade
  5. Chess Mountain
  6. Pyramid
  7. treak fountains
  8. the Sun and many others
  • small palaces and pavilions of the Lower Park outside or inside on your request
  1. Monplaisir
  2. Catherine's Corps
  3. Bath Corps
  4. Hermitage Pavilion
  5. Marley
  • Alexandria Park with palaces and pavilions outside or inside on your request
  1. Cottage Palace
  2. Farmer's Palace
  3. Telegraph Station
  4. Gothic Chapel.

The duration of the tour is 3 hours. Remember that we can adjust the itinerary according to your wishes.  Tickets to the parks and the Grand palace are purchased beforehand via agency by me so there is no need to loose your treasured time in the cashier desk lines.

The area of ​​the parks along which the excursion route extends is more than 200 hectares, so be prepared to walk a lot, or rent an electric golf cart, on which you can move around the park. The price of golf cart is around 1500 rubles per hour.

You will definitely get a lot of unforgettable impressions, a lot of wonderful photo shots and knowledge about the origin of this unique place on the planet, which has no analogues for 300 years already!

We can meet directly at the entrance to the park or start a tour in the city center, capturing a lot of interesting sights and the history of the city along the way. If so, we can use a private rented car with driver to get there or to use a taxi or to take an advantage of the public transportation (metro+bus or hydrofoil boat). This is on your choice.



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