There is a vast range of cafes and restaurants, bars and clubs in Saint Petersburg. You can taste there the best coffee and desserts, Russian and international cuisine, local dishes. There are also many fast food restaurants. Apart from traditional McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, there are many more unusual places that offer snacks and street food from all over the world.

Punk Brew

Taste some panasian street food that includes, for instance, salads with shrimps and marinated lotus roots under an apple sauce or duck soup with spinach and buckwheat noodles. As you can see the meals are quite unusual, as the atmosphere it.

Address: Rubinshteina St. 9
Official website


Authentic Israili branch of street food restaurants where you can try local meals and enjoy a special atmosphere of Tel-Aviv with graffiti on walls, nice music and friendly people around.

Addresses: Rubinshteina St. 40/41; Admiralty Canal Emb. 2; Vosstaniya St.
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Welcoming place that resembles a tiny European market. There you can buy some jams and pickles, fruit and vegetables. There is also a self-catering cafe with a range of meals and open kitchen. You can also order some dishes of Russian, American or Italian cuisine. All meals are prepared of fresh farmer’s ingredients.

Addresses: Nevsky Av. 24; Ligovsky Av. 30A; Griboedov Canal Emb. 8/1
Official website

Joly Woo

Vietnamese street food restaurant that serves delicious meals with exotic ingredient, served under unusual traditional and experimental sauces. The restaurants’ atmosphere is very special and green. Apart from that, it is an eco-friendly place with organic plants all around and recyclable takeaway boxes and other tableware.

Addresses: Vosstaniya St. 12, Zagorodny Av. 9
Official website

Bon appetit and contact me if you have questions about staying in St Petersburg! Also check useful information about accommodation and activities in the city.