Is there any fast food traditional Russian cuisine? Frequent question from foreign guests. And what is the traditional Russian cuisine. I would single out three types in accordance with the historical period: primordially Russian, Russian and Soviet. At the moment, in cafes, bistros and fast food restaurants you can find dishes that correspond to all three periods.

Original Russian food is certainly schi (cabbage soup), cereals (barley, buckwheat, semolina, etc.), game (wild boar, elk, wild duck, hare), dumplings (ground beef, wrapped in unleavened dough ), Russian pies, kalatches (kind of fancy loaf), gingerbread (sweet flour products), pickles and savory (canned vegetables and mushrooms with salt), holodets (jellied minced meat), Russian blini (thin pancakes), jam (berries and fruits boiled with sugar).

Classified as dishes of imperial Russia: Beef stroganoff, Olivie (Russian salad), Vinegret (from boiled beets, potatoes, beans, carrots, and also pickled cucumbers and onion), chicken Kiev, and herring under a fur coat (salt herring with boiled vegetables dressed with mayonnaise).

In the Soviet period, Soviet republic dishes like Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Georgia and more, began to gain popularity. Thus, they began to be perceived abroad as Russian dishes. Here are some of them: the famous borscht (soup based on beets), pasties (minced lamb wrapped in dough and fried in deep fat), kebabs, draniki (grated potatoes fried in vegetable oil). In addition, the dishes that were served in canteens of Soviet cities became traditional: schnitzels, cutlets, mashed potatoes, noodle soup, solyanka (kind of hodgepodge), Capital salad (simplified variant of Olivie), goulash, baked fish and others.

Here is a list of places where you can taste these dishes quickly and tasty and at reasonable prices.

Fast food:


st. Bolshaya Morskaya, 11; 7-ya liniya V.O., 34; Sredniy prospekt V.O., 36; Vladimirsky prospekt, 3; Nevsky Prospect, 114-116; Nevsky prospekt, 93; Ligovsky prospekt, 30; Liteyny prospekt, 22; prospekt Chernyshevskogo, 11; Bolshoy prospekt PS, 64


Nevsky prospekt, 50; Karavannaya st. 24/66; Kamennoostrovsky prospekt, 10; Middle prospekt V.O., 4 A; Pushkinskaya st., 1; Ligovsky prospekt, 21B


Nevsky prospekt , 11; Vladimirsky prospekt, 15; St. Vosstaniya, 32; St. Sadovaya, 8; Kamennoostrovsky prospekt, 31

Pirogovy dvorik

nab. Griboyedov Canal, 22, b. 5; Maliy prospekt PS, d. 1 “b”; st. Raz’yezgaya, 6


Nevsky prospekt, 94


Mama na dache Nevsky prospekt, 88

Schelkunchik Ligovsky pr. 10/118

Abrikosov Nevsky prospekt, 40

Suliko Kazanskaya st., 6; Vosstaniya st., 7; Kamennoostrovsky prospekt, 4

Dachniki Nevsky prospekt, 20

Kvartirka Nevsky prospekt, 51; Malaya Sadovaya st., 1

Ivan da Marya Nevsky prospekt, 64

Pelmenia Raz’ezgaya street. 10/15; nab. Fontanka 25; Kronverksky prospekt, 55; Sredny prospekt V.O. 11, Marata st., 8